From Ebola to Stroke, Timing is Everything


By Dr. Eric Van Giesen
Dr. Eric Van Giesen was a Nokia Sensing XCHALLENEGE Competition #2 Judge.

It seems ridiculous to ask anyone with a fever to wait in a holding pen full of people who are potentially infected with the Ebola virus for up to 24 hours before receiving a diagnosis. Yet right now, people in West Africa with anything from Lassa fever to Malaria are arriving at Ebola treatment centers to find out if they have the dreaded disease. And since they’ve had to wait a full day for results from a laboratory several miles away, they may have been exposed to Ebola unnecessarily.

Many people assume this absurd situation is due to poverty and the lack of infrastructure in West Africa, yet we tolerate similar situations almost everywhere in the world–including in the United States–every day.

Humans are terrible at timing when it comes to finding out how to effectively treat health problems. And we’re even worse at recognizing our bodies’ subtle cues that something might be wrong in the days, weeks, or even years leading up to a health crisis. Much of this stems from the fact that we normally wait for a problem to occur, and then we make —> Read More Here


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