From Pineapple Rental to the Science of ‘Dad Bod': This Week’s Curios


Every day of the year, CEO Justin Kitch writes a quirky fact, known as the Daily Curio, intended to tickle the brains of lifelong learners everywhere. This is a weekly digest.

Last week’s Curios covered the 18th century practice of renting pineapples, why school buses are painted yellow, and the science of ‘dad bod’.

Curio #899 | Science says dad bods are real
Cheer up, dads. Science has just proven that the “dad bod”–new fathers’ propensity to gain weight–is not only a real phenomenon, but a good thing. It’s been long known that men change physiologically when they become fathers. Testosterone levels, associated with aggression, decrease. Prolactin levels, associated with care-giving, rise. Men with children also make more money, are less depressed, and less likely to die. They are also fatter. According to a new study… keep reading.

Curio #898 | When people rented pineapples
Today, pineapples are no more exotic than bananas. But up through the 19th century, the fruit was a symbol of wealth. The pineapple first appeared in South America. From there it spread to the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico–where it was cultivated by the Mayas and the Aztecs. Europeans didn’t encounter a pineapple until Christopher Columbus tasted one during his voyages to the New World. When he brought a few back to Europe, word… keep reading.

Curio #897 | It’s time to take down your Christmas lights
Does your WiFi seem slower than normal lately? It could be because you haven’t taken down your holiday lights yet. Ofcom, a UK telephony regulator, reports holiday lights are one of the many electronic devices that can slow internet connection. According to their report, 20% of poor WiFi performance is caused by…keep reading.

Curio #896 | How American school buses became yellow
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