From Sleeping Positions to Healing Musicians: This Week’s Curios


Every day of the year, CEO Justin Kitch writes a quirky fact, known as the Daily Curio, intended to tickle the brains of lifelong learners everywhere. This is a weekly digest.

Last week’s Curios covered the perils of sleeping on your left side, the healing power of music, and Utah Senator Orrin Hatch.

Curio No. 920 | Left-side sleepers beware
If you’re having a bad dream, roll over on your right side. There appears to be a correlation between bad dreams and your sleeping position. That’s according to both a recent study and a report that came out over a decade ago. In the study published in 2004, researchers found about 2/3 of people were right-sided sleepers, while the other 1/3 were left-sided sleepers. While right and left sided sleepers could recall their dreams equally, left-siders were more likely to have nightmares… keep reading.

Curio No. 919 | Please clean the office coffee maker
Germaphobic caffeine addicts, stop reading now! The office coffee maker is way grosser than you think. An analysis by researchers at the University of Valencia found 35 to 67 different types of bacteria inside the inner drip tray of communal Nespresso machines. The colonization was found to be “rapid,” “rich,” and “dynamic”–unfortunately, those are characteristics of the bacteria, not the coffee… keep reading.

Curio No. 918 | Meet the “designated survivor”
A few Tuesdays ago, Utah Senator Orrin Hatch was chosen as the designated survivor during President Obama’s final State of the Union. This speech is the only time all the top US officials ever gather in one place, creating a security dilemma. If some unimaginable crisis or attack were to wipe out the entire chamber, there would be no US government officials left to be in charge of the largest military force and —> Read More