From the Stars to the Earth: Eric Garner, Injustice, and the Complexity of Despair

I can’t recall the moment that it happened, but at some point in high school I decided to devote my life to exploring the universe. I’ve spent the years since then working on robots that traverse the surface of Mars, studying aerospace engineering and space policy, and most recently, helping tell the stories of the future exploration of Jupiter and its icy ocean moon Europa. And with today’s test flight of NASA’s new Orion spacecraft, the opportunity to wander amongst the cosmos is that much closer.

But in the wake of yesterday’s grand jury decision in the Eric Garner case, instead of looking up at the stars, I find myself looking down. I look down not just because my head is too heavy in despair for yet another case of injustice for an unarmed black man killed by police; I look down not only because I’m afraid to meet the gaze of strangers, a gaze blurred by eyes filled with tears; But today, I find myself looking down because it feels like a betrayal to look up.

A betrayal to Trayvon.

To Eric.
To Mike.
To Tamir.

I have come to the understanding that —> Read More Here


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