From the Worst Day to Fly to Life-Saving Pizza: This Week’s Curios


Every day of the year, CEO Justin Kitch writes a quirky fact, known as the Daily Curio, intended to tickle the brains of lifelong learners everywhere. This is a weekly digest.

Last week’s Curios covered the worst day to fly, life-saving blood, and a massive new billion dollar home.

Curio #741 | The man with golden blood
He’s called the “man with the golden arm.” Thanks to his blood donations, Australian James Harrison has single-armedly saved the lives of more than two million babies. In his veins is an extremely rare kind of blood that cures a deadly affliction…keep reading

Curio #740 | A very fresh idea
Call us United States of Waste. One-third of food produced in the US gets thrown away! That’s 133 billion pounds of food, worth over $150 billion. Ten percent of it is thrown out by grocery stores alone. Given almost 50 million Americans live in a state of “food insecurity” there’s a big inefficiency taking place. Which is exactly why last month the Daily Table opened its doors in Boston. It’s a nonprofit grocery store whose shelves are…keep reading

Curio #739 | Billion dollar crib
Move over Donald Trump, there’s a new king of ostentatiousness. Mukesh Ambani, India’s wealthiest man, has taken ultra-luxury homes to a new height. Literally, as in 550 feet of height. Ambani recently completed construction on the world’s first billion dollar home. That’s with a ‘b’! After struggling to make their old 22-story home in Mumbai fit their needs…keep reading

Curio #738 | Samoa’s missing day in history
WWhere were you on December 30, 2011? Definitely not on the island nation of Samoa. That would be impossible because there was no December 30, 2011 in Samoa. They skipped it. Samoa lies just west of the International Date —> Read More