Fully Equipped Village Allows Dementia Patients To Lead Normal, Independent Lives


A Dutch village allows patients with dementia to live their lives normally while also receiving proper care.

From the outside, Hogewey, located in the Netherlands, seems like any other village. It has a small grocery store, a theater and various restaurants and shops. But its residents all have dementia, and the town itself is actually a care facility. It was created with the aim to offer people with the disease care while giving them autonomy in their lives.

Photo Credit: Hans Erkelens/Flickr

“Everything is arranged to give all residents all the care they need,” Isabel van Zuthem, Hogewey’s information officer explained to ABC News back in 2012, “But they feel like they’re living a normal life, and that’s what we think is very important.”

Photo Credit: Hans Erkelens/Flickr

The community, which is only open to people who have been diagnosed with severe dementia, houses 152 patients in its 23 apartment units, according to Hogewey’s website. Caretakers blend into the environment and live with the residents in their households. They also run the shops and services in town. Though patients are confined to Hogewey’s grounds, they are free to roam around —> Read More Here


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