Gardens: The World’s Oldest Therapists

(C) Chicago Botanic Garden
(C) Chicago Botanic Garden

Co-authored by:
Patsy Benveniste, Vice President, Community Education Programs
Barb Kreski, Director of Horticultural Therapy Services

Chicago Botanic Garden

If you grew up prior to the invention of tablets and smart phones, it’s likely that you have nostalgic memories of playing in the backyard with friends or feeling the sun on your back as you helped your parents in the garden. Gardens can be a tranquil hobby or an essential refuge for people with all kinds of needs. Their meditative powers have been used formally and informally for thousands of years, and they can contribute to healing in subtle and enduring ways. But have you ever stopped to ask why and how we measure that healing?

At the Chicago Botanic Garden, we work with scientists and therapeutic experts who have observed first-hand the powerful positive effects nature can have on people from all walks of life. In an era of electronic media and manufactured living environments, we believe beautiful gardens and natural environments are fundamentally important to the mental and physical well-being of all people, and that people live better, healthier lives when they can create, care for and enjoy gardens.

(C) Chicago Botanic Garden

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