Gender Differences in Sexuality Crumbling

Marked differences between male and female sexuality was supported by solid evidence around the globe. Such distinctions are getting blurred in developed countries.

The evolutionary backdrop for our species is that of a mostly pair-bonded primate where males and females shared childcare and provisioning responsibilities. As is true of other socially monogamous species, there was a certain amount of sexual infidelity. Men had more to gain from extramarital sex because they could father children without helping to raise them whereas women benefited from having a good man with good genes. Against this backdrop, men are expected to be a lot more interested in casual sex. What of the evidence?

Are men always more interested in casual sex?

As women in developed countries are freer to express themselves sexually their interest in casual sex increases so that they score significantly higher on questionnaires than men in less developed countries . For their part, men become less interested in casual sex and converge with female compatriots. So men are not always more interested in casual sex than women whether we compare between societies, or within societies.

Are Women’s Bodies Equally Responsive to Sexual Stimulation?
The fact that pornography used to be consumed exclusively by men created the impression that males of the species are sexually hyper responsive. This encouraged speculation that women, by contrast, must be under responsive. Over several decades, researchers have dispelled this myth in various ways.
During the 1970’s, swinging parties were fairly common in California and women evidently received a great deal more pleasure from these events than men. Women experienced more orgasms whereas men quickly got tired out. Many women also engaged in sexual relations with other women, something that was unlikely in other contexts.

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