Giant Squid Caught On Video By Startled Russian Sailors

Shouldn’t there be 20,000 leagues between them and us?

Russian sailors recently came across what is likely a rare giant squid, which can be seen in a video posted to YouTube. The bright red creature was apparently trying to eat a fish the men had snared, but the sailors pushed it off its prey before it jetted back down into the depths.

The exact species of the animal hasn’t been confirmed, but the creature doesn’t seem to be big enough to be a rare colossal squid, according to the video’s description. It’s probably a giant squid, a relative of the colossal.

Giant squid sightings happen occasionally, but the bulk of the animals are usually found dead, washed up on a beach or trapped in fishermen’s nets. The massive cephalopods can measure up to 43 feet long from the tip of the mantel to the end of their tentacles. The largest ever found weighed nearly a ton, and clocked in at 59 feet, National Geographic reports.

Little is known about the creatures, and scientists didn’t even capture them alive on video until 2012.

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