Girlbusters: Fighting Against Gender Bias For Women in STEM

Four beloved fictional characters were recently recast to runaround fake New York in fake jobs chasing really cool, CGI-created fake ghosts — and the Internet lost its mind.

Just to be clear, America: no real male scientists were harmed in the filming of this (yet to be made) movie. Yet these four scientists, and the women chosen to portray them, are facing real backlash over their recent job announcements.

Really people? You know it’s just a movie right? And the extremely funny women — Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones — who were cast to replace the immensely talented originals are brilliant! While some would argue it is the idea of a remake or recasting a beloved franchise that is stirring up the Twitterverse — I call BS. The 2015 Golden Globes alone had two Batmans win awards with another one in attendance, and two Incredible Hulks nominated! (And do any of us really know Eric Bana wasn’t there as well?)

If this is how we react when women dare to replace men in movies, what chance do real women stand in actual science and technology positions?

Turns out, very little.

In a recent study conducted by the University —> Read More Here


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