Hard-Working Hands Span Cultures and Generations to Come Together for Big Cat Conservation

Two students hold the steel chain link of the new Living Wall to the Commiphora africana while one of the boma’s residents hammers in the nails. (Photo by African People and Wildlife Fund/Deirdre Leowinata)

Education is the foundation for positive change, and every year the National Geographic Student Expeditions takes groups of high school students from around the world to beautiful places on quests for both knowledge and skills. The trips also serve as a way to help various developing communities, and this year two groups of students made a big impact on the Maasai Steppe. Not only did they construct fences that would save livestock, lions, and livelihoods, but the teamwork and compassion displayed on those hot afternoons lit a spark that gives hope to a brighter future.

By Deirdre Leowinata, African People & Wildlife Fund

Africa is the land of diversity, hosting a vast amount of biological and cultural variance within each of its 53 countries. Biologists and David Attenborough fans all over the world know it for its unique, charismatic species: The roaring, the stampeding, and the larger-than-life. Anthropologists and Human Planet fans know it for its lion hunters, its hunter-gatherers, and its fascinating traditions that have —> Read More Here


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