Hate Running? Try This Science-Backed Trick To Make It Feel Easier

If you want to run faster, focus on the finish line.

No, that’s just not a cheesy motto for achieving success. According to fascinating new research from psychologists at New York University, it’s a fairly literal truth of human motivation.

The NYU researchers found that walkers who hold their gaze on an object in the distance saw the distance as being closer, walked faster and experienced less physical exertion compared to those who let their minds wander — a phenomenon known as “attention narrowing.”

“People are less interested in exercise if physical activity seems daunting, which can happen when distances to be walked appear quite long,” explains New York University’s Emily Balcetis, an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology and one of the study’s co-authors. “These findings indicate that narrowly focusing visual attention on a specific target, like a building a few blocks ahead, rather than looking around your surroundings, makes that distance appear shorter, helps you walk faster, and also makes exercising seem easier.”

For the first experiment, the researchers brought 66 study participants to a park in New York during the summer. They were asked to stand 12 feet away from a cooler full of ice and cold —> Read More Here


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