Here’s What Everyone Is Saying About ‘Interstellar’ After Its Opening Weekend


Christopher Nolan’s much-hyped “Interstellar” blasted off this weekend, collecting an estimated $50 million at the box office, fueling sharp responses from moviegoers and igniting a galaxy’s worth of “2001: A Space Odyssey” comparisons. The tale of a widowed astronaut (Matthew McConaughey) recruited to pilot a mission in hopes of finding an alternate planet that humans can inhabit, “Interstellar” is still sending ripples through the moviegoing cosmos on this Monday morning. Whether or not you’ve already seen it, here’s what we mere Earthlings are wondering about this massive space-time epic.

Is it “Gravity” 2.0?
Two blockbuster space adventures from prestige directors (Alfonso Cuarón, in the case of “Gravity”) headlining consecutive Oscar seasons can feel like seeing double. But outside of their interplanetary backdrops, the movies have little in common. In “Gravity,” a rookie astronaut (Sandra Bullock) is on a routine spacewalk when debris from a Russian anti-satellite missile strike destroys her shuttle and leaves her spiraling through space. It’s a survival story that centers solely on one individual. “Interstellar” is a survival story, too, but the mission is an effort to save all of mankind from an Earth that will soon become uninhabitable because of dust clouds threatening the —> Read More Here


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