Here’s What It Would Really Be Like To Live On Mars (VIDEO)

mars simulation

What would life on Mars really be like? It would be hard, that’s what. And amazing.

There is no air or accessible water on the red planet, and nothing to eat. And then there’s the isolation — and the constant bombardment by solar radiation. As private astronaut Richard Garriott put in an email to The Huffington Post, “Due to a lack of magnetosphere and atmosphere, you will never walk around on Mars without serious radiation protection.” Bill Nye’s assessment was a blunt “It would be lethal,” unless we could come up with ways to meet our everyday needs.

But there would also be some fun aspects to life on the fourth planet from the sun — including the fact that the dramatically reduced gravity would turn Mars explorers into amazing athletes. Check out the video above, and/or read the transcript below to learn five freaky facts about life on Mars.

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For as long as humans have been on Earth, we’ve been looking up at Mars in the night sky. Since then, we’ve studied the red planet with telescopes and satellites. We’ve driven vehicles on its surface. We’ve even detected possible signs of ancient life on the planet. And now, some scientists say we’ll eventually live on Mars.

But what would a day on the red planet look like?

Hey everyone. Jacqueline Howard here. If we took a trip to Mars, what would it be like once we land and settle there? That’s not a far-fetched thought.

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