Here’s What We Talked About Most On Facebook In 2015

The year’s buzziest movie is apparently more important than you realized — at least on Facebook.

The social network on Wednesday unveiled its “Year in Review” feature, which lists the most popular topics this year. The United States presidential election topped the rankings both in America and globally, while “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” proved to be a bit more popular for U.S. users than the “fight against ISIS.” Go figure.

Facebook said in an email to press that the list was collected according to “how frequently a topic was mentioned in Facebook posts made between January 1 and December 1, 2015.” The data was pulled from the platform anonymously.

While we wouldn’t leap to conclusions based on how popular topics are on Facebook — perhaps not the first place you turn for serious discourse about the world’s most pressing issues — the list nonetheless serves as an interesting indicator of what 1.55 billion people were thinking about this year.

One notable topic that’s completely MIA from the global and U.S. lists: Climate change. World leaders are working to draw an accord on global warming in Paris this month, but the issue didn’t seem to generate much buzz among Facebook users.

We’ve collected some of the lists below. For the full picture, visit Facebook’s Year in Review feature.

Most Talked-About Topics In The United States

For Americans, the election and marriage equality dominated conversations on Facebook this year. So did “The Force Awakens” and the Super Bowl.

  1. U.S. Presidential Election
  2. Marriage Equality
  3. Charleston Shooting & Flag Debate
  4. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”
  5. Baltimore Protests
  6. Planned Parenthood
  7. Super Bowl
  8. Nov. 13 Attacks in Paris
  9. Fight Against ISIS
  10. Nepal Earthquakes

Most Talked-About Topics Globally

The leading topics around the world were pretty dark this year — terrorist attacks, the Syrian refugee crisis, —> Read More