Hold the Phone! You Might Miss a Whale, or Even a Whale of a Bright Idea Like the Laser

A ton of fun is being poked online at the unnamed guy caught on camera sitting on a sailboat, fixated on the screen of his cellphone. What he’s obviously missing, as the picture by photographer Eric Smith shows, is the sight of the breaching humpback whale right alongside the boat.

We may sneer at his inattention, but this image is really a teachable moment for us all, simply because we’re all guilty of some form of cell-centric behavior.

Every time we choose to stare into our little screens or nervously fiddle with our phones, whether for a second or an hour, we risk missing whatever may be happening immediately around us — like, say, the breach of a whale, or, more ominously, a car that unexpectedly stops right in front of ours. Using a phone while walking is proving to be problematic too, and not just because of missing spectacular scenery (think stairs, escalators, walls, motorists checking their cellphones).

The other side of this cellular coin is that we may also be missing out on what’s going on in our very own heads — or what would be going on if we weren’t busy talking, texting, tweeting, emailing, gaming, —> Read More Here


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