Hooray for Gay Animals! 9 Species That Are Also Celebrating



Unless you’ve been hiding under the pot of gold at the end of the #marriageequality rainbow, you probably know that on
Gerald and Tito are the kings of their gay pride…*

2. Bonobos

Bonobos, one of our closest genetic relatives, engage in homosexual acts a plenty. And it has been found that females that engage in more frequent acts with members of the same sex are higher on the proverbial social totem pole. Sexual activity of all kinds is often used to diffuse tension in groups and male-male and female-female sexual activity is highly common. Female “g-g” (genito-genital) rubbing is often seen between bonobo ‘broads’.

Photo by: Marian Brickner

Lucy was a real ladies’ lady.*

3. Penguins

Penguins, in their adorable matching tuxedos, are notoriously gay. Homosexual pair bonds have been seen in penguins for years. And they seem to be leading the fight in the gay animal adoption movement. Roy and Silo, two male chinstrap penguins that once lived in the Central Park zoo, had a long-term love affair that included an adoption of a chick. The two males remained together for 6 years until Silo’s attentions were drawn to a newly introduced female named Scrappy. Roy was left alone but eventually joined a group of male penguins. In Denmark a pair of male king penguins became daddies to an adopted chick after a female had abandoned her egg.

Source: Pond 5
Even the ice caps couldn’t chill the heat between these two love birds.

4. Giraffes

The tallest animals on earth are also some of the gayest. Homosexual encounters between males sometimes made up 94% of observed sexual activity at one study site. —> Read More