Hospital Launches ‘Aggressive’ Investigation After ESPN Obtains Jason Pierre-Paul’s Medical Files

The hospital where Jason Pierre-Paul has been getting treatment for fireworks-related injuries has launched what it’s calling an “aggressive internal investigation” into how ESPN reporter Adam Schefter obtained a copy of the NFL player’s medical records.

Shefter tweeted a photo Wednesday of what appeared to be part of Pierre-Paul’s records, which said doctors had amputated the defensive end’s right index finger.

ESPN obtained medical charts that show Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul had right index finger amputated today.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) July 8, 2015

The photo led to questions about whether Shefter has acted unethically by obtaining and then tweeting a photo of what should be private records. Some people were more blunt than others.

.@AdamSchefter You’re a real piece of sh*t for putting that picture up!

— James Harrison (@jharrison9292) July 9, 2015

But Carlos Migoya, the president and CEO of Jackson Health System, told TMZ that he’s most concerned about whether an employee helped Shefter obtain them.

“Late Wednesday, media reports surfaced purportedly showing a Jackson Memorial Hospital patient’s protected health information, suggesting it was leaked by an employee,” he said. “An aggressive internal investigation looking into these allegations is underway.”

“If we confirm Jackson employees or physicians violated a patient’s legal right to privacy, they will be held accountable, up to and including possible termination. We do not tolerate violations of this kind,” he added.

The concern is that a medical professional at the hospital violated the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which is meant to protect patients’ records. A violation can lead to a $50,000 fine and potential imprisonment, according to the American Medical Association’s website. noted that Pierre-Paul may have reason to sue the hospital over —> Read More