How a 14-Year-Old Inventor Treats Pet Anxiety

Brooke Martin (photo courtesy of Purina)

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As the Purina Better With Pets host John Hockenberry said, “she’s a little intimidating.” Fourteen-year-old Brooke Martin is an award-winning inventor from Spokane, Washington, an honor student, the head of a company, and, not incidentally, a poised and passionate speaker. She introduced herself simply as “the inventor and founder of a product called ICPooch,” an innovative device that plugs into a tablet and allows people to video-chat with their dogs—“and even give them treats” with the push of a smart phone button.

Brooke Martin (photo courtesy of Purina)

Brooke began her presentation by pointing out that technology “strengthens the human connection.” She pointed to an image onscreen: “This is a picture of me with my sisters. The human one’s name is Grace; she’s 11 years old. And the other furry ones are Kayla and Zoey, and they’re seven. These three girls are not only my sisters—they’re my very best friends.” She and Grace are “always a text away, because we have the technology.”

“Unfortunately, in the morning, I have to say goodbye” to Kayla and Zoey. “And it’s heartbreaking that I can’t connect with them until I’m —> Read More Here


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