How Brain Science Explains the Way We See #TheDress


The human mind has a marvelous capacity for inventiveness. In our philosophy have been dreamt the plays of Shakespeare and the computations of Alan Turing, not to mention the staggering technology underlying the phone on which you are perhaps reading these words. And while we’ve taken great advantage of it, it turns out that this inventiveness is actually necessary for a more fundamental reason. Your brain is forced into being creative in order to perform the simple act of seeing the world around you.

Perception is a type of problem that mathematicians refer to as “ill-posed”. Because of nothing more than light and geometry, a given image can have an infinite number of possible causes in the real world. Nonetheless, perception is a problem our brains must solve, so that we can find food, shelter, and each other.

Faced with this dilemma, the brain must resort to inference. Essentially, it must make guesses, albeit educated ones. One consequence of this is that while we all live in the same world, we don’t always see it the same way.

Naturally, this leads to the beautiful diversity of human minds, for both good and ill. Recently, upon —> Read More Here


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