How Does Training Yourself to Be Ambidextrous Affect Your Brain?


Answer by Logan Forbes, left or right, either way

This is an interesting question and there are conflicting theories on whether training ourselves to be ambidextrous has any real benefit. Some researchers even believe it can ultimately cause us harm.

One possible benefit is improving communication between our left and right brain hemispheres which might improve creative and abstract thinking.

Einstein is often cited as an example of unusual brain development. He was observed to be right-handed, but his brain hemispheres were nearly symmetrical which is the case in some left-handed and all ambidextrous persons. Other examples are Tesla and DaVinci, both ambidextrous/left-handed and both considered creative geniuses.

Imaging studies show our brain will adapt in shape and size in response to training. Training the non-dominant side is going to help increase the connections on that side and develop and grow the brain in general.

These same scans show the right-handed have much larger left hemispheres and the ambidextrous/left-handed have nearly symmetrical hemispheres.

Ninety-five percent of righties have brains that divide up tasks equally, but only about 20 percent of lefties do.

Michael Corballis, professor of cognitive neuroscience and psychology at the University —> Read More Here


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