How Much Gold Is In An Oscar Statuette?


At tonight’s Oscars we’ll no doubt see some familiar faces winning that coveted gold statuette. It’s no secret that these sparkling little men aren’t 100% gold–they’re only coated in 24-carat gold–so that makes it harder to figure out how much gold they actually contain. Luckily math comes to the rescue.

Let’s start with some data. The trophy’s

The output of this formula is in square meters, and “W” is the weight in kilograms and “H” the height in centimeters, so a little number-crunching is needed (I’ve put the details here). The result? Our golden boy has a surface area of about…

0.2 square meters, or 2.2 square feet.

I think those numbers are hard to visualize, so here’s some help. Stretch out your arm. Now bend your forearm to create an “L.” The length of the forearm from the elbow to the tip of your middle finger is approximately 18 inches, or 1.5 feet. (This unit of length was widely used in ancient times; it’s called a cubit.) And, since the square of 1.5 is 2.25, if you touch your elbow with the fingers on your other hand, the square you create (see below) has roughly —> Read More Here


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