How One Architect Imagines The Future Of Sustainable Cities

If you think of the city of the future as being filled with impossibly tall skyscrapers, think again. Instead, we could one day become people of the sea who live in “oceanscrapers.”

That’s according to Paris-based architect Vincent Callebaut, who released a series of futuristic and delightful drawings last week showing what sustainable, floating cities of “oceanscrapers” off the coast of Rio de Janeiro could possibly look like.

He imagined that the 3D-printed villages would use water turbines on the ocean floor to capture energy, bioreactors to recycle organic waste, and biofuel production to neutralize ocean acidification, Discovery News reported.

“The people of the seas’ objective? To explore the abyssal zones in a respectful way, in order to speed innovation and to democratize new renewable energies — by definition inexhaustible — massively,” Callebaut said in a statement.

As of now, there are no plans to actually engineer these structures, but regardless, they’re a fascinating idea about the faraway future.

Scroll down to see the imaginary yet innovative “oceanscrapers.”

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