How To Avoid A Thanksgiving Food Coma While Eating What You Want

After eating that enormous Thanksgiving meal, you may want to curl up on the couch (or a stretcher) and moan in belly agony while half-watching football on TV.

Experts estimate the average American consumes upwards of 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving, so it’s no wonder a lot of us experience pain after the culinary pleasure. But be grateful for this: There are ways to abate the stomach misery without skimping on any of your favorite Thanksgiving foods. A lot of the discomfort will subside with time and patience (and stomach-settling foods on Black Friday), but certain activities and strategies — like walking after dinner — can speed up the process.

Meet this year’s Thanksgiving with a plan of attack on bloat, so you can enjoy food, friends and family without any bellyaches to cloud your memories. We’ve designed your action plan below:

Before and during the meal:

Drink water.

Water can fill you up, and drinking a glass before you dig into the meal will help you pace yourself. The Mayo Clinic says water will also keep things moving, adding fluids to the colon and preventing any foods from, err, getting stuck. Keep refilling your cup throughout the meal.

Slow down.

Of course you want to get to the candied yams before Uncle Bert devours them all, but rushing won’t be helpful in the end. Think about all of the work that went in to preparing the meal and savor it with gratitude. Eating too fast can lead to over-consumption and digestive problems like bloating. To slow it down, serve yourself smaller portions of your favorite dishes — you can always go back for seconds (unless Bert gets to ‘em).

Skip the soda.

Carbonated drinks are hardly —> Read More