How to Cause a Measles Epidemic in 5 Easy Steps

There’s been a lot written about the measles outbreak and anti-vaccine parents. Fact is, the current situation is a direct and predictable result of many social/political trends that have emerged in America over the last generation. Having recently learned that a good way to get “clicks” on the Internet is to create lists, I am sharing five easy steps to take if you want to create an epidemic just like this.

  1. Raise a generation ignorant about science
  2. The majority of Americans are clueless about science — how it works, what it tells us. From health to climate change to evolution, your average American has no real idea how empirical evidence is used to make and test hypotheses, nor that it is especially important to pay attention to data when they disagree with your prior beliefs. Our American approach: When data fail to support our beliefs, we summarily reject them. That’s in part because we…

  3. Allow belief (religious or otherwise) to rule the day
  4. I contend that there is a widespread lack of understanding of the distinction between “knowledge” and “belief.” This may be contributed to by a fairly loose definition of “knowledge” floating around, like this —> Read More Here


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