How To Make ‘Magical’ Cocktails That’ll Convince Your Friends You’re A Mixologist

You don’t need a blow torch, a breathalyzer or a $460,000 bottle of whiskey to impress your friends with some boozy wizardry. All you need is some vodka, a shaker and a couple of unexpected ingredients (like cabbage juice and baking soda) to make magic happen. Check out these three recipes anyone can do at home, courtesy of Absolut.

Manifest an icy ball into a delicious, drinkable aperitif.

For your opening act, impress your guests by transforming an orange marble (or so you’ll tell them) into a cocktail. You’ll need an ice sphere mold (like one of these), a flavor injector, vodka and some orange juice to make this mystifying beauty. Find the instructions here.

Woo the crowd with a color-changing cocktail.

For this next trick, you’ll need something a little funky — red cabbage juice. According to the folks over at Absolut, “Red cabbage juice can be used as an indicator –- it turns shades of red when mixed with an acid (in our recipe, the lemon juice) and shades of blue when mixed with bases (the baking soda).” Here’s how to make it. When crafted properly, the cocktail —> Read More Here


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