How to Make Meaningful Choices You Won’t Regret

Which would you choose: $2.25 to listen to an alarm clock going off or $2.00 to listen to a clip of “Hey Jude”?

More money, right? In a recent study, nearly three-quarters of people chose the higher paying gig, subjecting themselves to an annoying alarm sound for one minute. But afterward, those who made that choice regretted the decision more than those who took less money to listen to “Hey Jude”.

In study after study, researchers have found that at the start of a task, we think about external reward — losing weight from going to the gym, making more money with a higher paying job. But once we start the task and, importantly, afterward, we think more about how we feel and what brings us meaning. And feeling good about what we’re doing pushes us harder and makes us persist longer — whether in the gym or on the job.

The studies reminded me of a story in How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life. In the book, Russ Roberts describes how Warren Buffet’s son sold his $90,000 in Berkshire stock to pursue a music career. Even though that stock would be worth $100 million today, Buffet’s son wrote —> Read More Here


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