How to Snap Out of a Funk


Have you ever been in a ragingly dangerous bad mood?

A slumpy, frumpy, dumpy, funk?

This ain’t the good kind of funk that gives you a sick beat and great dance moves. Nope, I’m talking about the burnt-out, stressful funk that hits even the best of us on low days.

You know when you just can’t snap out of it?

A few weekends ago, I came home from a coffee meeting in a poopy mood. I just felt blah. I tried reading, making myself a bowl of delicious cereal and watching some Netflix-nothing, nada, zilch. I couldn’t shake it.

It got me thinking. Why do we have moods? I did some digging and discovered some fascinating science on how our brain and body is tied to our emotions. Specifically: There is a science behind your moods.

I found this incredibly helpful, because if we understand our moods we can know where they come from and how to fix them.

  • You’re not crazy! Feel like your moods are out of control? There is a chemical explanation.

  • You’re not alone. The way we feel moods and process emotions is universal, and we can study it to find patterns.

  • You are in control. It might feel like our emotions run wild inside of our brain and body, but when approached in a specific way they can be controlled.

Happy vs. Unhappy

Before I get into the science of moods, I do have to say that ‘bad’ moods aren’t ‘bad.’ They might not be pleasant, but we can understand a lot about the Science of Happiness from our unhappiness. In the words of Dolly Parton: “If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”

From our research on the psychology of happiness, we know that people —> Read More