How To Use Your Smartphone To Translate Just About Anything

Long gone are the days of the bilingual dictionary. Now you can have any and all types of translation services right in your smartphone. But which ones are worth using? And which are the most functional?

We’ve divided translation technology into three categories — visual translators, verbal translators and human translators — and examined some of the best options.

Which type of translator you need depends on context. For navigating a city’s signs and maps, you may want a visual translator. You’ll want to use a human translator for long or especially important text, and you’ll probably want a verbal translator if you’re having a conversation with someone in another language.

Many of the apps and sites detailed here perform multiple functions. Google Translate’s app, for example, can translate words you type and words it hears; it can even translate printed words via your smartphone camera. If you’ve got a few of these apps and websites up your sleeve, you should be able to navigate a new environment in no time.

Visual Translators

Last year, Google bought a translation app called World Lens, which it recently integrated into its Google Translate app. Thanks to World Lens’ technology, Google Translate can —> Read More Here


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