How You Can Afternoon-Nap Like a Boss



By Peter Rugg

Rich people don’t even nap the same as us plebes. While you and I struggle to shake off the foggy exhaustion weighing us down as we lurch towards 5 p.m., those wealthy sleep masters have been keeping their eyes trained on our failings with secretive siestas. No more, I say!

Enter “The Sleep Doctor“, a.k.a. Michael Breus, a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, board certified in sleep disorders, and a practicing sleep specialist. If you watch Dr. Oz’s show, or you’re one of Breus’ Fortune 500 company patients, you might have seen him handing out tips on a better night’s rest. Breus gave Inverse a quick course on how to get the most our of your midday break, and the value of packing a “sleep kit.”


Now if I want the perfect nap do I …

I should stop and say a caveat here how much adenosine you have in your brain. Adenosine builds in your brain. As it builds up, it makes you feel sleepier and sleepier. It has a molecular structure almost identical to caffeine, and caffeine fits in that receptor. So it’s not that caffeine is making you not sleepy, it’s that it’s blocking the adenosine. That’s why you have the crash later as it stops blocking the receptors. And then you’re looking at a power nap, a 25- to 30-minute nap.

Is there an ideal time I should be napping?

Your brain gets signaled right around 1 p.m. and you get the urge to sleep because about that time your core body temperature is dropping. Just before you went to sleep the night before, your core temperature dropped and it signaled its brain to release melatonin. You have the exact same cycle repeat in —> Read More