How Young Women Are Driving the Future of Space Entrepreneurship


Inventing new space technology can be a dubious proposition, especially for young women who identify as scientists and engineers rather than entrepreneurs. To be the one responsible for the awesome task of supporting future space missions, you need to focus on three things before conducting research: “what benefit your idea provides, how to create it and project funding.” Or so says Lilly Bulawa, one sister from the enterprising Chicks in Space trio that have turned to crowdfunding to send their latest science experiment, the Garden of ETON, to the International Space Station.

Credit: Sophie Sanchez

“It’s hard to find people my age that have common interests, but my sisters and I enjoy STEM challenges,” says the science minded Bulawa, who has already worked on a number of long term space exploration ideas with her sisters. “When we started this project we didn’t know where this was going to end up. It was a lot of trial and error, problem solving and putting our minds together.” Their research, a hydroponic plant growth system that relies on centripetal force to work in microgravity, almost ended there, until they met someone with industry experience and an alternative way to raise —> Read More Here


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