How Your Blood Type Affects Your Brain Health

We’ve long known that many factors, from genetics to lifestyle choices, play a role in brain health over the course of a lifetime. And according to new research, blood type may be another, previously unconsidered factor in age-related cognitive decline.

A large-scale study conducted by researchers at the University of Vermont found those with the rare blood type AB — which is present in less than 10 percent of the population — to be at an unusually high risk for cognitive impairment.

The researchers analyzed longitudinal data from over 30,000 adults over the age of 45, collected as part of a national study on geographical and racial differences in stroke risk, which has been shown to be particularly high in the South, especially among African-Americans.

The research team focused on a group of 495 survey respondents who showed significant declines on at least two biannually conducted evaluations of cognitive function. This group was then compared to a group of 587 participants who remained in good cognitive health over time. They found that members of the struggling group were 82 percent more likely to have type AB blood than Type A, B or O blood type — even after taking —> Read More Here


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