How Your Menstrual Cycle Could Affect Attempts To Quit Smoking

Women who are looking to quit smoking might benefit from checking their ovulation calendars.

A woman’s menstrual cycle could play a role in determining how easy (or difficult) it is for her to quit smoking, according to a small but compelling new pilot study. Lead researcher Adrianna Mendrek of the University of Montreal said that her findings emphasize the need for gender-based smoking cessation therapies that also take menstrual cycle phase into consideration.

To test the theory, researchers recruited 34 chronic but healthy smokers (19 women and 15 men) who weren’t seeking treatment for their addiction. They were each asked to smoke one cigarette 30 to 40 minutes before the experiment to make sure they all had the same baseline for cigarette craving.

Then researchers placed them into an fMRI machine, where they were asked to view alternating sequences of smoking-related photos and neutral photos. After the fMRI session was over, researchers showed participants the photos a second time, and they were asked to rate them on a scale from zero to 100 in terms of how much that picture made them want to smoke a cigarette. Mendrek also tested 13 of the female participants twice, to capture their —> Read More Here


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