HUFFPOLLSTER: Scientists’ Opinions Are Very Different From Most Americans’


Pew Research finds the public at odds with science on a list of key issues. Desire for a decrease in immigration is lower than it was during the Bush years. And Afghans aren’t comfortable with the shrinking number of U.S. troops in their country. This is HuffPollster for Friday, January 30, 2015.

PEW RESEARCH EXPLORES THE PUBLIC’S VIEWS ON SCIENCE – Cary Funk and Lee Raine: “Science holds an esteemed place among citizens and professionals. Americans recognize the accomplishments of scientists in key fields and, despite considerable dispute about the role of government in other realms, there is broad public support for government investment in scientific research…[For example] 79% of adults say that science has made life easier for most people and a majority is positive about science’s impact on the quality of health care, food and the environment…[and] About seven-in-ten adults say that government investments in engineering and technology (72%) and in basic scientific research (71%) usually pay off in the long run. Some 61% say that government investment is essential for scientific progress, while 34% say private investment is enough to ensure scientific progress is made.” [

Why Pew Research is going deeper on science – Lee Raine: [T]oday’s publication —> Read More Here


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