Hungry? Maybe Don’t Go Shopping.

Hunger is one of our most basic and primitive drives. When we are deprived of food, for whatever reason, we become intensely focused on satiating that craving. We want calories, and we want them now. Everything else–including time and money–is merely an aid for finding and acquiring rich, caloric food.

This makes sense. It’s survival. Yet beyond this fundamental drive for satiety and nutrition, surprisingly little is known about hunger’s influence on our behavior.

New research suggests that hunger’s power may extend beyond eating and nutrition, indeed that it may influence judgments and decisions completely unrelated to those stomach pangs. A team of psychological scientists–Allison Jing Xu of the University of Minnesota, Norbert Schwarz of USC and Robert Wyer of the Chinese University of Hong Kong–wondered if hunger might spill over into other behavioral domains, sometimes in irrational ways. Is it possible, that is, that hunger triggers an acquisitive mindset generally, one that piques our desire even for non-food?

The scientists explored this provocative idea in several experiments. In one, for example, they recruited subjects during lunchtime, at a café. Some were on their way to eat, while others had already eaten and were on their way out. The subjects rated their hunger, —> Read More Here


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