Hypnotic Northern Lights Time-Lapse Captured Over 2 Magical Nights in Alaska


The Northern Lights — or Aurora Borealis, or Polar Spirits, or whatever you’d like to call it — is far up my bucket list. Like really far up. So far up I often have dreams of standing in the middle of a frozen landscape, completely alone, looking up at this celestial display, awestruck.

My dreams are photographer Alexis Coram‘s reality. Twice over the past year Alexis has travelled to Alaska where she’s captured incredible photographs and time-lapses of the aurora at full-tilt, dancing the night away.


Alexis’ first trip to Alaska was last year, and she returned with a time-lapse called Technicolour Alaska, which was picked up and honored by the likes of Nat Geo.

This year, in an attempt to re-capture the magic she felt on that first trip, she took a long weekend trip to Alaska. At first it seemed the clouds would kill all hope of another incredible time-lapse… but then they cleared:

I headed back to Alaska this February for a long weekend, hoping to catch another glimpse of the Northern Lights and to spend more time getting to know this beautiful part of Alaska. Of the 4 nights I spent at a cabin just outside Fairbanks, 2 nights were entirely overcast. I wasn’t hopeful that I’d get enough footage to make another film but the night before I left was electric…

The best storm I’ve ever seen lit up the sky for hours upon hours and in every direction — this was a game-changer. I ended up shooting for 7 hours straight before heading to the airport for a 6am flight home. “Awake” is the result.

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