‘I’d Like to Thank the Academics…’

In a world where it’s publish or perish, Oscar is always ready for his close-up.

On Sunday night, the film industry will once again take center stage with the annual Academy Awards. A worldwide audience estimated at several hundred million will revel in the fashion, the speeches, the unexpected wins and losses — while attempting, as always, to endure the marathon length of the broadcast.

For decades, the glamour and spectacle of the Oscar® ceremony have made it a fixture in the public imagination. Engaging in speculation and criticism regarding the nominations and the ultimate winners has become a popular rite.

To some observers, however, the significance of the Oscars runs deeper. The awards — and what they tell us about art, commerce, psychology, and society itself — constitute a topic for scholarly investigation.

For a sampling of academic study related to the Academy Awards, we turn to Thomson Reuters Web of Science, an online scholarly search and discovery platform and that indexes the contents of more than 12,000 top tier international and regional scientific and scholarly journals, along with conference proceedings, book chapters, and other materials in every area of the sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities. —> Read More Here


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