If You Keep Calling This Alaskan Storm The Polar Vortex, You’re Only Making Things Worse

cold air model

The next time you hear that a “polar vortex” is headed your way, keep one thing in mind: It’s probably bunk.

A whole lot of people jumped into “Day After Tomorrow” mode and dubbed the forthcoming Alaskan storm that’s expected to bring an unseasonable cold snap this week the next polar vortex.

An AccuWeather.com model shows the chilling effects from the Alaskan storm fueled by the remnants of Typhoon Nuri.

The term “polar vortex” is legitimate — it’s an upper air circulation that almost always hangs out around the poles — but its use, well, not so much.

“In the meteorology community, this was one that got on a lot of people’s nerves,” ABC News Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee told The Huffington Post Tuesday.

Zee said after part of the actual polar vortex affected parts of the country in January, the term achieved buzzword status: “It caught on, and when it caught on, people started to say it for every [cold weather event.]“

Not Every Cold Weather Event Is Because Of The Polar Vortex

Zee called the term “the most misused weather term of 2014″ and said haphazardly tossing it around is not just frustrating, —> Read More Here


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