If You Think Winters Of Yore Were Worse Than Today, You Might Be Remembering Wrong

chicago blizzard 1979

Are we becoming a bunch of babies for canceling schools due to extremely cold weather? (“Back in my day, we walked to school in blizzards — uphill both ways!”) Or is there something wrong with the way people remember the winters of yesteryear?

It was so cold in Chicago this week that the city’s public school system — the third-largest in the nation — had to cancel classes. A similar scenario played out in January 2014 when the polar vortex (a mass of arctic air that moves much farther south than usual) brought sub-zero temperatures to the area. The Chicago Tribune has published an op-ed labeling such school closings as the “continued wussification of society” and calling today’s children “wimpy.”

“And just what are we talking about? Expected lows of — hold on tight — minus 8. Come on, Mike Ditka would play football sleeveless in minus 8. Our kids can go to school,” wrote William Choslovsky in the Tribune. He went on to add: “Once upon a time, we looked for excuses to work hard and persevere. Today, however, it seems as if we search for opportunities to call it a day and —> Read More Here


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