Imagining a Better Future With Pets

Dan Smith (photo courtesy of Purina)

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When Dan Smith went to work at Purina in St. Louis 27 years ago, he thought, “I’ve always had pets; this’ll be fun.” After he had spent some time at the company in the research and development division, he realized he had found a like-minded community that shares his passion for “making a difference in the lives of pets and people.”

Dan now heads Purina’s global R&D team of more than 400, all “doing many different things on behalf of the pets we all love” and enjoying “rewarding careers.” Purina is always looking forward. To help guide his team, “we use the word ‘imagine,’” said Dan. “We focus on an area of needs for pets, and then imagine the future.” One example is a 14-year study that started with a simple premise: “Imagine that your dog or cat could live a longer, quality life, with a healthier body.” The conclusion—counterintuitive for a company that makes pet food—was summed up in two words: “eating less.”

Dan Smith (photo courtesy of Purina)

By feeding dogs less, we can “not only extend life, but also extend the age at which chronic —> Read More Here


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