In Defense of Wearing an R2D2 Dress to Homecoming


My daughter texted me from her homecoming shopping expedition at the mall:

“It’s hard not to buy all the Star Wars stuff,” she wrote.

“I bet,” I replied. “How about a Leia dress?” I asked, with a wink.

“Right, mom.” I could hear her sigh.

Later that day, I spotted the R2D2 dress hanging on her door. “No way!” I said.

“Really!” she said, her face beaming. “Why should I spend all that money on a dress I’ll wear once to a dance at school?” She followed her Jedi heart on that one. But her decision at the mall would prove to create a disturbance in The Force of homecoming.

Around here, the high school homecoming dress code calls for a suit for boys and a cocktail-style dress for girls. My daughter’s dress is more casual. It’s not a “sexy R2D2″ costume; it’s a cute, cotton, above-the-knee sleeveless number with the droid’s design.

The biggest push-back against her decision has come not from me, her father, nor her boyfriend (a fellow Star Wars fanatic), but from the girls.

Not long after her purchase, the evening’s plans started to shift. The circle going to the dance expanded. The wider it became, the less she and her date wanted to go. Then the real reason for the changes came out – the girls didn’t like her dress, and were edging her out of the group. The boys liked the idea, and maybe that’s what bugged the girls. Will their dates wish they were in an R2D2 dress, too? Or will her novelty dress draw focus from their own versions of one-of-a-kind?

My daughter has taken a few direct and secondhand hits from the girls for this fashion choice. Her intuition tells her to resist the pressure. The money needed for —> Read More