Indigenous Water Testing in Remote Russia

PHOTO 1 DSC_3033 - Version 4
These lovely traditional Yakut dancers greeted us in Zhigansk. (Photo by Mary Marshall)

Jon Waterhouse and The Network of Indigenous Knowledge (NIK) recently went to Yakutia in eastern Russia to help distribute the tools and knowledge necessary for water testing. NIK is about connecting people who are, by nature and place, environmental stewards of their homelands, and in this case, connecting with the peoples of the Sakha Republic around the immense Lena River.

Russia bound! Mary, Kate, Jody and I are ready for some cultural and scientific “edventure.” (Photo by Mary Marshall)

With the recent political tensions between Russia and the U.S., it might have seemed crazy or even dangerous to the casual observer to undertake a mission between countries. However, Jon and his team always venture forth on the faith that things will align—and they did. After landing in Moscow, the team was shocked by the almost jovial attitude that greeted them. Shop clerks, policemen and the government officials that had requested to meet with them were nothing but friendly and helpful, and Moscow itself was welcoming and open.

PHOTO 3 DSC_1020
Urban beauty; the Moscow River flows freely beside Red Square. (Photo by Mary —> Read More Here


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