Insecure People Use Facebook More, Science Confirms

Is Facebook posting all shameless attention-seeking? Well, it depends on your personality type.

A new study confirms that people who tend to feel insecure in their relationships are more active on the social networking site, posting status updates and writing on walls, commenting on posts and photos, and “liking” updates in the hopes of getting a little attention.

Researchers at Union College in New York conducted two surveys of nearly 600 people between the ages of 18 and 83, asking about their relationships and their Facebook habits.

The survey data revealed two types of active Facebook users: Those who are very extroverted, and those who are higher in attachment anxiety, which involves worrying about not being loved enough by others, and fearing rejection and abandonment.

People who were high in attachment anxiety reported engaging in higher levels of “feedback seeking” on Facebook. The feedback that they receive from Facebook can help quell concerns about how loved they are or what other people think of them, the study’s authors note.

“Compared to more secure people, those higher in attachment anxiety are more feedback sensitive,” Joshua Hart, associate professor of psychology and the lead author —> Read More Here


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