Interstellar Travel? Nah! (Part 2)



The response to my previous blog post, “The Dismal Future of Interstellar Travel,” has been impressive and incredibly interesting! It’s amazing what can happen when you try to redirect people’s enthusiasms and dreams into a slightly different direction.

Here is a recap of the situation:

I proposed that interstellar travel is so expensive, and benefits so few people among billions, that there is essentially no chance whatsoever that human society will ever attempt it, especially given the scientific limitations, human psychology and physiology, and conceivable technological breakthroughs. There is no human activity across 10,000 years of human history that provides the framework for undertaking this kind of monumental challenge in the next few centuries.

Here is what I recommended instead:

Channel all our creative energies into turning our entire solar system into a highly developed environment like Paris or New York, where we have extensive colonization of all the habitable surfaces on planets and their moons, or massive orbiting colonies spread across the Solar System, and travel times are measured in days, not years. Use virtual technology to involve all of humanity in a personal experience of planetary exploration, not just the few million off-worlders we could have in place by, say, —> Read More Here


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