Interstellar Travel… Seriously?


The more you critically think about what interstellar travel implies, the more the prospects for it seem to be based upon fairy tales and magic. I tried to raise some of these issues in my previous blogs: Artistic rendition of a messy black hole. (Credit: NASA)

OK. Let’s go ahead and use black holes or worm holes like the magical Big Boy civilizations do in science fiction. Here are some unpleasant facts to pop that balloon.

Annoying Fact 1: Black holes are unavailable.

To use a black hole as a transport system you need to find one first. Astronomers are real good at that because black holes are messy eaters. They swallow very hot gas and produce x-rays that can be seen across the light years. The nearest known black hole after several decades of searching our neck of the Milky Way is called Cygnus X-1 and is located about 6,100 light years away. To get to this black hole and use it for interstellar travel, you first need… interstellar travel!

Annoying Fact 2: You can’t make your own black hole either

Another option is to make your own black hole. The favorite method is to grab ahold of one of those microscopic —> Read More Here


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