Interview With Andrea Rossi, LENR Energy Pioneer


As we explained in earlier Huffington Post articles (HP#1) and HP#2), a revolution of sorts is brewing in the clean energy field, with the emergence of fusion and “low energy nuclear reaction” (LENR) energy. These processes, unlike fission reactions used in conventional nuclear reactors, need not emit dangerous radiation, nor do they produce radioactive byproducts. The fuel is plentiful and free — they key ingredient, hydrogen, is the most abundant element in the universe.

Scientists at universities and large government laboratories have been feverishly working for decades, spending billions of dollars, pounds, euros and yen, to develop a practical “hot” fusion energy system. Recently the U.S. aerospace firm Lockheed Martin announced plans to build a 100-megawatt nuclear fusion reactor. Two other commercial ventures pursing this track are Tri Alpha Energy and Energy/Matter Conversion Corp. of San Diego, California. Still other researchers are reviving an approach long considered to be dead and buried: “cold fusion,” or, as its practitioners prefer to describe it, “low energy nuclear reaction” (LENR) energy.

One pioneer in LENR is Andrea Rossi, an Italian-American inventor-entrepreneur with a checkered past, who recently formed a venture to commercially market systems based on an LENR process he has developed. We should add that many are understandably skeptical of Rossi’s claims; yet he reports that he has a full-scale working prototype, delivering 1 MWatt continuous net output power, which is already seven months into a one-year acceptance test at a commercial client’s site. Several observers have seen the system in operation, and have reported that it is working as claimed, as evidenced by significantly lower utility bills for the customer. On 25 August 2015, the U.S. Patent Office awarded Rossi a patent for his process.

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