Investing in America’s Dazzling Scientific Talent

America’s global economic preeminence is built largely on scientific and technological innovation, which is an outgrowth of basic science research. That should cause America’s investment in such research to grow significantly, especially with so many Americans still in need of jobs — and good ones at that. While it’s tempting to place that responsibility on the federal government alone, the truth is that it should fall not only on the federal government but on the private sector, philanthropy, and academia as well. All should step up to the plate to a greater degree than ever.

In the federal budget agreement reached over the weekend, funding of the National Science Foundation (NSF) grew 2.4 percent, which is better than most federal agencies, according to Science magazine — and slightly more than the rate of inflation. In contrast, funding of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is flat and still below its budget level in 2012. Neither funding level allows for significant enhancement of our national capacity, despite the fact that researchers funded by the NSF or NIH have won hundreds of Nobel Prizes in recent decades.

That’s why it’s important not only to continue to advocate increased federal funding of basic science research —> Read More Here


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