iPhone Separation Anxiety Is Real, Study Says

You might think you’re doing yourself a favor if you leave your phone behind when you head to an important meeting or dinner with the in-laws, but a new study suggests just the opposite is true.

According to new research from the University of Missouri, being separated from your iPhone can lead to “physiological anxiety” and “poor cognitive performance.”

The study, “The Extended iSelf: The Impact of iPhone Separation on Cognition, Emotion, and Physiology,” was published online Thursday in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. Researchers recruited a total of 40 iPhone-using participants from three journalism courses at a “large university” in the Midwest. (iPhones were selected because it’s easy to disable the device’s “silent mode,” researchers wrote.) Then, they ran a couple of experiments.

First, participants were told to sit in a cubicle and complete a puzzle while in possession of their phone; then, they were asked to complete another puzzle, but they were told that their phone was causing “Bluetooth interference” and that it needed to be moved elsewhere in the room. Researchers then called the phone — study participants could see and hear it ringing, but were unable to get up to answer it.

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