Is a Self-Aware Robot Like Chappie Possible?


I was fortunate enough to be invited to a screening and press conference for the movie Chappie. It is a great movie about a police robot named Chappie that is downloaded with a program that makes him self-aware.

At the press conference, Neill Blomkamp, the director, script writer, and the guy who came up with the idea for the movie, said he wasn’t sure if humanity could ever produce the type of artificial intelligence (AI) in Chappie. I was curious if that was possible myself.

In order to answer that question, I was able to interview the founder and director of the Visual and Autonomous Exploration Systems Research Laboratory at Caltech and at the University of Arizona, Dr. Wolfgang Fink. He is working on building an autonomous ” planetary field geologist” robot for NASA.

Alejandro Rojas: How would you define an autonomous exploration system?

Dr. Wolfgang Fink: A truly autonomous exploration system is not controlled at all by humans. It may be given a charter, for example, “Go out there and explore a planet and then report back once you see something exciting.” Humans always tell the robots what to do, so far, and that is the part where my lab tries —> Read More Here


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