Is Donald Trump A Narcissist — Or A Bully? Here’s What Psychologists Say

The Donald was at it again during Wednesday’s Republican debate, with his usual questionable claims, insults, not-so-humble brags and bizarre ramblings.

By now, most of us are all too familiar with the brash behavior, bullying and boasting that seem to define Trump’s personality. But what’s really going on underneath those golden locks? What do we really know about Trump’s personality and, heaven forbid, the type of leader he would make?

We can only speculate, of course, but the Republican candidate’s behavior does offer clues. HuffPost Science spoke to some psychologists to learn more about Trump’s personality and emotional life. Here’s what we learned.

He seems to be the opposite of humble.

And this should surprise exactly… no one.

“In watching Donald Trump in the Republican debates, he comes across as someone who is self-centered and lacking in humility,” Taya Cohen, a personality researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, told The Huffington Post in an email. “He seems to be aware of this persona, as he ironically joked that his presidential codename could be ‘Humble.'”

Cohen analyzed Trump’s persona, focusing specifically on honesty-humility. This broad dimension of personality encompasses qualities like greed, sincerity and fairness and reflects a person’s moral character.

“Trump rarely, if ever, admits mistakes or expresses guilt, shame, or embarrassment for things he has said or done, suggesting that, with the exception of pride, self-conscious emotions do not play a central role in his life,” Cohen said.

There’s one big caveat here. Trump doesn’t appear to embody a main characteristic of the honesty-humility personality dimension: Machiavellianism. Cohen explained that people high in Machiavellianism tend to be dishonest, callous and manipulative.

“Indeed, Trump’s reputation as honest, candid, and outspoken is a large source of his appeal to —> Read More